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The Six Types of Direct Mail


Self-mailers often come in the form of leaflets and brochures. They're great for businesses that want to introduce themselves to new customers. With self-mailers, you can create unique designs and use colors that represent your business. If you need a direct mail option that can highlight your business' image, then a self-mailer is a wonderful option.


Postcards are excellent for a wide array of products and services. Not only are they clear, effective tools for getting messages across, but they're also extremely economical. You can obtain postcards in different sizes. For example, you might choose to use an oversized postcard for the strongest visual impact.

Mailing Lists

The best way to determine the success of your direct mail campaign is with a mailing list. It's important to remember that prospective customers may not need your particular products or services at the exact time they receive your mail. However, they might need them in the future.

Lead Letters

When most people think about traditional forms of direct mail, they think of lead letters. Lead letters are very confidential in their approach, often made with strict targeting requirements to reach customers that have ultra-particular needs or preferences. To have your business look as important and sophisticated as possible, then highly-personalized lead letters are an excellent option.

Dimensional Mailers

You can think of dimensional mailers as a step up from leaflets or brochures. Businesses will often use these to get in touch with other businesses. However, they can also be used to give consumers a very concise and exclusive overview of your business.


If you want to showcase the wide range of products that your business offers, there is no better tool than a catalog. The best way to make use of a catalog is by enthralling the readers with promotions or top-selling products placed on the cover. Once you draw them in and they begin flipping through the pages, they'll eventually find your newer or more exclusive offers.

Final Thoughts

Using Direct Mailers Like a Pro

Coming up with a direct mailing strategy can be a difficult feat if you're new to this kind of marketing. Luckily, here at Gold Level Marketing, we've helped many businesses launch successful direct mailing campaigns. If you're ready to elevate your company and reach out to new customers, get in touch with us today.

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