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Last Modified: Jan. 1, 2023

Please note: Any Deposits, fees, or any charges are NON-REFUNDABLE. The client is liable for confirming content with their legal team, regarding their name and branding, to ensure it is not copywritten. *Please note that we can terminate services at any time as necessary*

Please note: The Customer warrants that the call recording feature includes an announcement to a caller that the call may be recorded and the purpose for such recording (for example, for quality assurance purposes), and Customer will not remove that notification. Customer agrees to obtain the consent of call participants as required by applicable law, including any laws that prohibit the conditioning of consent upon participation on the call. Where required by applicable laws and regulations Customer employees shall afford callers with the option to continue with the call without being recorded and to be able to revoke consent to call recording during the call, at which point the recording shall be stopped and all recorded material shall be deleted. Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless Gold Level Marketing and sister companies from any end user or other third party claims related to these Customer warranties.


IMPORTANT: Any non-payment to your hosting provider can result in the permanent deletion of your website, which we do not cover through warranty. It is the website owners' responsibility to contact us as soon as the error(s) occur on the website within 7 days. 

Gold Level is not responsible for the purchase of "Hosting and Domain", It is the client responsibility to purchase and provide Gold Level with "Hosting and Domain" to complete the project.


  • Websites from a single page all the way up to five pages can take up to 20 business days to complete.

  • All website wireframes are created within 1 day after the service is paid. 

  • We can only store projects for 90 days.

  • If a project is delayed for more than 90 days (due to the client), Gold Level can move the project to a "client delay" status.

  • If a project is in the "client delay" status for more than 60 days, Gold Level may be at liberty to charge any additional fees to complete any project(s).

Common items that can delay your website or project include but are not limited to:

  • No access to domain and hosting

  • Logos and colors not delivered

  • Content delays like Pictures and Videos

  • Client Not Responding


Custom Build: Special projects also known as custom clients request can take longer than prebuild packages. 

Review Stage: After the website is built it enters a 7 Business review day with the client. This review stage is so the client can see the website and provide feedback to finalize the project. Changes or any updates after the 7th business day are subject to additional costs for development time.

PPC (Google Ads)



  • All Google Ads campaigns are created in 1 day and typically the day of the invoice paid.

  • It can take up to 90 days for a campaign to be fully optimized.

  • Running google ads does not guarantee results.

IMPORTANT: Gold Level is not responsible for budget payments for PPC to Google and any other 3rd-party advertising platforms, All budget will be placed on your credit card. 

IMPORTANT: Gold Level Ads Management fee Includes:

  • Creation of the Google Ads Campaign​

  • Keyword Research

  • Campaign Optimization

  • Any Campaign Issues( Ban, Block, Appeals)

Contact Us

For any questions or concerns you can reach out to us at:

Phone: (866)340-3595 



Escalations Phone: 866-393-4318

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